Gadgets Feb 26, 2013

Nocs NS2 Air Monitor

Sweden’s Nocs has released some slick new NS2 Air Monitors that will provide some boomin’ sound for your Apple products. Capable of working wirelessly with a Macbook, iPhone, iPad and iPod, these are said to really deliver in terms of… Read more
Gadgets Feb 21, 2013

Google Chromebook Pixel

Introducing the Chrombook Pixel, Google‘s answer to Apple‘s MacBook Air/Retina. The Chromebook Pixel features a machined aluminum body: “vents are hidden, screws invisible, and the speakers seamlessly tucked away behind the backlit… Read more
Gadgets Feb 1, 2013

Plugg Speaker by Skrekkogle

Plugg is one of Skrekkogle‘s latest prototyped projects, and the simple device is a clever new addition to the ever-growing market of portable speakers. Plugg is a prototype DAB radio, investigating physical and metaphorical interaction… Read more
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