Gadgets Jun 30, 2012

Modbook Pro Tablet

A few years ago, prior to the release of the iPad, Modbook had the idea to take the screen from 13.3-inch MacBook Pros and make them into a fully functioning tablet by taking the screens and adding the whole touch … Read more
Gadgets Jun 27, 2012

Google Nexus Q

Google has unveiled its Nexus Q and it’s looking like a great little device. You can kick back and stream Youtube videos/channels onto your TV, watch shows and movies, or stream music via Google Play. It’s also interface-less, so you… Read more
Gadgets Jun 21, 2012

Instagram ‘Instaglasses’ Concept

German designer Markus Gerke appears to be on to something with these conceptual Instaglasses. Imagine if you could just toss these on and Insta around all day? If these were real, you would just need to tap the “Insta” button … Read more
Gadgets Jun 14, 2012

Diff Lens Mount iPhone Case

Smartphones are capable of doing pretty anything, so what happens if you enhance its given features? This clever little device by Diff is a tough iPhone case with a clever cover and a pro-level lens mount. This lens mount is … Read more
Accessories Jun 12, 2012

Incase Audio Collection

Incase has it on lock with bags and accessories for iPads, iPods, iPhones, laptops and cameras, but they also dabble in sound. For Summer 2012, the San Francisco-based brand has released a range of audio products including earbuds, on ear… Read more
Gadgets Jun 8, 2012

Element Case Vapor Pro Elite iPhone Case

Element Case release an Elite version of from their Vapor Pro line. It’s the most rugged, lightweight and versatile iPhone case that they’ve produced, weighing only 22 grams. Lux detailing is key to the case, as they’re blessed with… Read more
Gadgets Jun 7, 2012

InfoThink x Marvel’s The Avengers Flash Drives

Taiwan electronics brand InfoThink have teamed up with Marvel to release a set of The Avengers flash drives. The collection consists of Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, Hulk’s smashing fist and Iron Man’s helmet, all making up the… Read more
Gadgets Jun 5, 2012

Xbox SmartGlass

;feature=player_embedded Xbox SmartGlass is essentially an app for smartphones and tablets that allows Xbox 360 developers to create content that could be streamed to the app. This would allow smartphones and tablets to double up as a… Read more
Gadgets Jun 1, 2012

Amazon Kindle Smartphone Rumor

Retail giants Amazon have had unrivalled success with their Kindle branded eReaders and their Android dominated Kindle Fire, so the possibility of them stepping into the smartphone market may be a logical step for the company. Aspired by… Read more
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