Uncategorized Jun 10, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld For Orrefors

Orrefors, a Swedish glass company, has collaborated with designer Karl Lagerfeld on a new series of drinkware. The collection includes of champagne flutes. along with wine glasses and tumblers. In addition, there are a few vases and bowls… Read more
Uncategorized May 12, 2011

Architectural Glass by Paul Housberg

Architectural art glass, at one time limited to traditional stained and leaded glass, is being transformed by renowned artist Paul Housberg, who has taken modern glassworking techniques and adapted them to large-scale installations… Read more
Design May 10, 2011

Tokujin’s “Waterfall” Table

Tokujin will present works at “Glasstress 2011″ held during the Venice Biennale, scheduled from June 4, 2011 to November 27, 2011. Glasstress showcases sculptures and installations of glassworks created by internationally recognized… Read more
Design Apr 29, 2011

Drink NYC Tap Water Glassware

Good message. Good price. Good stuff. NYC centric, sure, but applicable to (most) any city. The collection includes 12oz glasses and a water decanter. For those picky about glasses on tables, there is also a coaster. The collection includes… Read more
Uncategorized Dec 23, 2010

Heath Glass

Heath, the LA outfit noted for fine handmade ceramics, has gotten into the glass business. With an 80-year old facility in West Virginia, Heath Glass is dedicated to “preserving the craft of American glass making.” Each glass is touched… Read more
Design Dec 22, 2010

Video | Transference

The Museum of Craft & Design in San Francisco is running a series of pop-up museums while searching for a new permanent home. The first, housing Transference, opened on November 10, 2010 and runs through January 9, 2011. Here’s what … Read more
Uncategorized Aug 13, 2010

Qubus Design Studio

Jakub Berdych mingles his love of everyday objects with a passion for craft in his Qubus Design Stuido. Their products and objects, like the bucket above, follow the forms of ubiquitous utilitarian vessels, but are produced with hand blown… Read more
Design Jul 8, 2010

Pieke Bergmans Design Virus

I adore these playful glass works by Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans. Her creations take over other objects, soft blobs that shift traditional function and take soft form. The lighting above, from the Lightbulb series, is typcial of Bergmans… Read more
Design Jun 23, 2010

A+A Cooren Design Studio “Vase Tourbillon”

Founded in 1999, A+A Cooren is the design duo Aki and Arnaud Cooren. The Parisian’s latest work comes in the form of the vase Tourbillon. Hand-blown by master glass craftsmen, who’ve realized the computer led vortex design. Made to… Read more
Uncategorized Feb 16, 2010

Guillaume Delvigne’s Campane Lamp

Handsome lamp from glass blower Guillaume Delvigne. Designed to change color depending on how the pieces are utilized, the Campane Lamp is built of glass with a Corian base. Limited to 15, with two artist copies. (via Daily Icon). Further… Read more
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