Fashion Aug 3, 2009

graniph Design Award 2009 Winners

Overall 10’000 designs have been submitted for the graniph Design Award 2009 beginning of the year. This weekend the winners have been announced. The above stencil by Choi Hwang Ho received the gold price this year. You can check out … Read more
Fashion Mar 27, 2008

Graniph by Staple

Staple has designed a new t-shirt for Japanese t-shirt stores Graniph and it has just been released. The t-shirt features the "Dependent" slogan which is made up of faces. Via Jeff Staple. Read more
Fashion Mar 27, 2008

Lemar & Dauley Spring ’08 Collection

We give you a look at some pieces out of the Lemar & Dauley Spring 2008 collection. The brand keeps their color palette and presents a fresh set of t-shirts as well as some board shorts in the new collection. … Read more
Fashion Aug 19, 2007

Graniph International Online Store Coming…

Graniph, the Japanese t-shirt experts, announced an international online store now. Until now it was really hard to come across their t-shirts outside of Japan. The Reed Space in NYC recently held a Graniph pop-up store for some weeks, but… Read more
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