Caps & Hats Aug 11, 2008

Nike x New Era “AF-1″ Fitted Cap

Strictly Fitteds reports about the first collaboration between Nike and New Era on the "AF-1" fitted cap. The collaboration certainly makes sense, as many people wearing the Air Force 1, also wear the classic New Era cap. The cap comes … Read more
Caps & Hats Jul 28, 2008

Brixton By In4mation | Castor Hat

Brixton and In4mation have united to create a hat with a hidden message. The popular Castor hat embraces an audience that is not your typical hat enthusiast. The Castor is a sign of confidence and the In4mants have put in … Read more
Caps & Hats Jul 28, 2008

PAM “Space Race” Cycling Caps

New Era fitted caps are all over the place, thus it does not hurt to change the style once in a while to stick out of the crowd. Kangol is of help lately and cycling caps are also strong these … Read more
Caps & Hats Jul 21, 2008

Official Neu Camp 5-Panel Caps

This season Official goes beyond the classic fitted cap and introduces for the first time a new style into their collection – the 5-panel cap. They are introducing the new style in an array of designs and colorways perfect for … Read more
Caps & Hats Jun 9, 2008

Official F.U. Crew Fitted Cap

We give you a first look at one of the caps of the F.U. Crew series by Official. The plaid cap comes with black/charcoal 3M reflective applique "F" and "U" letters on the front panels and also the print under … Read more
Caps & Hats Jun 5, 2008

Fitted Hawaii “Makini” Pack

“Makini” in Hawaiian means a group of spears tied together, used as a battering ram in war. It also has a meaning of many deaths; death dealing. There are 2 different stories of what these gourd masks were actually used … Read more
Caps & Hats May 26, 2008

WTAPS Straw Fedora Hat

Last week we presented you the new black straw Fedora hat by Neighborhood. This week we take a look at the new hat by WTAPS. It also comes in black straw, buthas a silk strap wrapped around. Much like a … Read more
Caps & Hats May 22, 2008

Neighborhood Straw Fedora Hat

New Era caps have been all over the place now since almost 2 years. Recently we saw the re-emergence of Kangol and with that we also see other more classic hat stylesre-appear on the surface. Neighborhood proposes as part of … Read more
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