Accessories Apr 9, 2014

HEX “Hayward” Capsule Collection

HEX has announced the release of the “Hayward” collection: a broad 15-piece capsule of bags, cases and carryalls. The collection features a durable, water-resistant premium waxed canvas outer shell in an earthy horizontal stripe combined… Read more
Accessories Mar 12, 2014

HEX x Cole Gerst Accessory Collection

Accessory manufacturer HEX teams up with artist Cole Gerst on a collection of goods outfitted with Gerst’s signature illustrations. Comprised of nine individual pieces, the collection features various bags, phone cases and tablet covers… Read more
Accessories Feb 7, 2014

HEX 2014 “Onyx” Capsule Collection

HEX has announced the release of its brand new “Onyx” collection, a premium 3-piece capsule of bags and carry-alls. Upgrading three of the brand’s silhouettes with luxury materials, the capsule features a durable, water-resistant, heavy… Read more
Accessories Dec 18, 2013

20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

If you haven’t been paying enough attention to the subtle – or not so subtle – hints your girlfriend has been dropping all year, then what were you expecting to do when Christmas came around and you needed to come … Read more
Lists Dec 9, 2013

20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dad

Another year, another Christmas. Another Christmas, another whole load of presents you have to buy for each and every one of your loved ones. It’s not always easy to think up something new each and every time, so we’re here … Read more
Accessories Dec 2, 2013

20 Winter Essentials Under $100

Winter is definitely the most expensive of all the seasons. What with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, not to mention all the fall/winter clothes you need to buy, things really begin to add up. But worry not, because… Read more
Accessories Sep 17, 2013

HEX Fall 2013 “Gallery” Collection

HEX’s “Gallery” collection for Fall 2013 features a custom, water resistant, black HI/LO woven blend with a complementing rich-navy interior. Taking it back to the roots of color schematics by keeping it refined, the “Gallery” bags… Read more
Accessories Jul 21, 2013

HEX x HAZE Summer 2013 Capsule Collection

HEX partners up with iconic artist Eric Haze to produce a bold new collection for summer. Pairing the recognizable silhouettes of HEX with the imagination of Haze, this unique collection is a testament to both the creative process and… Read more
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