Design Jul 30, 2011

The Changing Tap

Designer Qi Weijia is responsible for this brilliant USB power source solution. Yanko has this to say – “The Charging Tap is quite an adorable hub that takes in cellphones, digital cameras, MP3 and other USB enabled devices, for… Read more
Design Jul 20, 2011

Porsche Design Wine Cooler

Part of their home collection, Porsche Design’s limited edition bottle cooler is made using the original ribbed cylinder taken from an air cooled late 1960s 911. The ribbed cylinder is mounted on an aluminum base, laser engraved with the… Read more
Furniture Jun 28, 2011

Toideloi Stackhouse

From Lil Snob – “Toideloi is a small Dutch company who specializes in well-crafted original toys. Their Stackhouse, which is made entirely from Baltic Birch plywood, can be built and rebuilt in many different ways by stacking and… Read more
Uncategorized Jun 2, 2011

Apothecary Shower Curtain

Give your bathroom some vintage appeal – and a wash of appropriate graphics – with this fine Apothecary inspired shower curtain. Printed on a natural cotton poly, the curtain itself has an “old school” vibe, and a whole lot more … Read more
Design May 18, 2011

Libratone Beat Speakers

Libratone Beat Speakers offer a neatly dressed option to average sound systems. Covered in a warm wool, the speaker offers optimum audio without presenting a major eyesore. Clear and lifelike sound is the aim. But, while perhaps secondary… Read more
Design Apr 29, 2011

Drink NYC Tap Water Glassware

Good message. Good price. Good stuff. NYC centric, sure, but applicable to (most) any city. The collection includes 12oz glasses and a water decanter. For those picky about glasses on tables, there is also a coaster. The collection includes… Read more
Design Apr 25, 2011

Lego Soap

Soaps made from the iconic Lego block shape. Not particularly inventive, or even authentically marked, yet undeniably appealing. Get some here. Via Swiss Miss. Read more
Design Mar 2, 2011

Join Cutlery

JOIN turns simple cutlery into objects of great sculptural potential. The premise is simple, through a basic interlocking knife, fork, and spoon are joined and can stand gracefully on the table. Produced by DING3000, the design also has… Read more
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