Design Mar 2, 2011

Vibram Coasters

Housewares for the shoe buff. Beams has a collection of coasters made from the famed Vibram sole. The textures and shapes are phenomenal, all black rubber with a yellow hit of trademark branding. Good for those who are tongue-in-cheek about… Read more
Design Feb 25, 2011

John Lewis Jolie Table Lamp

Certainly not high design, but I think there is something rather appealing about the Jolie Table Lamp from British department store John Lewis. The glass base houses the flex (which matches the shade) providing contrast in shape and… Read more
Design Feb 24, 2011

“Livroche” Stone Book Stand

“With its simple architectural form, the Livroche bookstand from designer David Fleishman functions both as a display for books and as a stand-alone sculpture. Handcarved from natural stone, the weight is approximately 10 lbs.”… Read more
Design Feb 23, 2011

Kaye Rachelle Housewares

Designed and hand printed in Philadelphia, Kaye Rachelle housewares turn mundane urban scenes into charming throw pillows and tea towels. The designer also throws in the, now requisite, ode to nautical knots, but it is in the black and… Read more
Design Feb 18, 2011

Scrapwood Wallpaper

Piet Hein Eek’s Scrapwood Wallpaper gives any space a rustic look. The wallpaper is made in Holland, and best of all it is easily removable and washable for years of usage. Pictures, in this case, really do speak louder than … Read more
Design Feb 18, 2011


Available from Mohawk General Store, this vintage Hand-Bookend reminds me of porcelain glove molds (which I also love). A terrific, simple accent piece for any book lover. The bookend stands at 5″ high and 3.5″ wide. Read more
Architecture Feb 17, 2011

Villa Geldrop

Hofman Dujardin Architects are responsible for the Villa Geldrop in The Netherlands. Glass exterior walls allow for terrific synergy with the environment, and open up a considerable amount of light to the ground floor living space. (via… Read more
Design Feb 8, 2011

Italian Cuckoo Clock

This clock is no small surprise given the origin, Couverture has a terrific track record of handsome housewares with strong back story. In this case, the Italian Cuckoo Clock brings its own – a contemporary take on a Swiss classic … Read more
Design Jan 31, 2011

Lap & Knee Mug

Terrific design for all tea (or coffee) drinkers who find themselves without a table. These mugs, by Thelermount Hupton are tailor made for balancing on a knee or lap. Innovative? Perhaps not 100%. Useful? Fully. Check the lap mug after … Read more
Architecture Dec 20, 2010

Engravings by LineBox Studio

Located in Ottawa, Canada, this home has received a drastic new direction at the hands of LineBox Studio. The exterior renovations came via client Christopher Griffin’s (who is a prominent Canadian artist) desire to bring the interior… Read more
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