Cars Apr 3, 2013

Porsche Panamera Plug-in Electric Hybrid

With a claimed fuel efficiency of 91 miles per gallon, the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid is set to become the world’s first plug-in electric luxury sports car hybrid. The 416-horsepower V6 bi-turbo engine takes the Porsche from 0 – 100… Read more
Sneakers Jul 30, 2009

Nike Hybrid AC ND

The Hybrid AC ND from Nike combines a Blazer sole with an interlaced suede upper and boat shoe influenced design elements. The end result is a clean, casual sneaker with a more grown up feel than most Nike offerings. Bar … Read more
Sneakers Sep 23, 2008

Nike Spring/Summer 2009 Terminator Hybrid

As usual Nike has some exciting things waiting for you next season. Today we start giving you a preview of one of the most exciting models to drop – the Terminator Hybrid. The first thing one notices is the Free … Read more
Sneakers Sep 11, 2008

Nike Wildwood 90 Free Trail

The hybrid Nike Wildwood 90 Free Trail has just been released in two new color-ups on the Japanese market. Coming in a black suede/brown snakeskin version and a white leather/silver snakeskin version, the model has gotten two nice premium… Read more
Sneakers May 21, 2008

Nike B Huarache | Red/Purple

A nice new Nike B Huarache, a hybrid between the Huarache and the BW, has been released. It comes in a red/purple/white colorway with the tongue and otherieces coming in black. Comfortable and an overall unusual colorway make this a … Read more
Sneakers Apr 21, 2008

Nike Hybrid Air Zoom Talache Woven Pack

The Nike Talache is in our mind one of the more interesting releases this year. A simple shoe, easy to wear, yet with nice materials something special. Now they will be releasing the Air Zoom Talache Woven Pack. It consists … Read more
Sneakers Jan 27, 2008

Nike Huarache x Air Max BW Hybrid

Yet another interesting hybrid model comes from Nike. This time they fused the Huarache and the Air Max. They placed the upper of the Huarache on the Air Max BW sole. The colorway stayed subtle in all black. An all … Read more
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