Accessories Jun 30, 2014

Buyer’s Guide: 20 Sunglasses for Summer

Summer is the time to bring out your favorite footwear and embrace the simple joys of graphic tees and shorts, free from worrying about complicated layering and ruined sneakers. However, it’s important to remember that with a minimal… Read more
Accessories Jan 3, 2014

Illesteva Milan II Sunglasses Collection

New York eyewear brand Illesteva has just announced the Milan II model sunglasses as a new addition to their range. The new style features a slightly larger lens than the popular Milan model but retains the same retro half-acetate… Read more
Weekly Outfit Aug 16, 2013

The Weekly Outfit: A Weekend in Amsterdam

After enjoying the amazing architecture, world-class soccer and sunny beaches in Barcelona, we have now arrived at the third stop of our ongoing Euro-trip – Amsterdam. The picturesque Dutch capital boasts a comprehensive cultural program… Read more
Accessories Jul 4, 2013

Illesteva 4th of July Collection

Just in time for Fourth of July, New York-based eyewear brand Illesteva dropped a special edition sunglasses collection to commemorate one of America’s most important holidays. The Leonardo 2 silhouette features the brand’s signature… Read more
Weekly Outfit Apr 12, 2013

Weekly Outfit: No-chella

By now you’ve probably read enough journalistic hyperbole hating from afar on the very notion of Coachella and its attendees and their dress codes and their attitudes. But where are all the alternatives? It’s easy enough to negatively… Read more
Weekly Outfit Aug 24, 2012

The Weekly Outfit: Late Summer Style

Summer is slowly coming to its end. Still we can expect some of those late summer days beeing not hot nor really cold yet. We’ve put a great ‘Late Summer Style’ outfit together for you. All items are available to … Read more
Weekly Outfit Aug 10, 2012

The Weekly Outfit – A Life Aquatic

We put a complete outfit together for you. Chosen from various online stores, all items are available for you on the spot. This time we’re featuring a style supporting the Nautic flair. We especially like the alarming red/orange beanie… Read more
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