Art Jun 15, 2011

Illustration by Eric Rosner

Illustrator Eric Rosner has been depicting iconic structures of New York’s golden age for 20 years. Beginning with ink marker and ending with digital enhancement, he creates highly detailed, though quirky, architectural renderings with… Read more
Art May 31, 2011

“Everybody Dies” at LBP Chinatown

Written and illustrated by Ken Tanaka, Everybody Dies uses colorful illustrations to help grown-ups come to terms with the unavoidable fate that awaits them. Although meant for adults, ‘Everybody Dies’ may be most effective when read to… Read more
Advertising May 27, 2011

Robert McGinnis for ellesse italia

ellesse has teamed up with renowned American artist and illustrator Robert McGinnis for a charming new advertising campaign. He created four seasonally themed paintings for the 2011 ellesse brand campaign. Born in Ohio, McGinnis is known… Read more
Art May 24, 2011

Almost An Animal Alphabet by Katie Viggers

Great stuff from Lil Snob – “Katie Viggers is a freelance artist/illustrator that specializes in drawing animals. She recently put out a children’s book entitled “Almost an Animal Alphabet” that features an animal drawing per… Read more
Art May 11, 2011

Writers’ Houses Illustrated

Loving this collaboration between A.N. Devers and design duo Michael Fusco and Emma Straub. The trio joyfully sketch the homes of American literary giants – Dickenson, Twain, etc. – with charming little details and quirks. The prints… Read more
Art May 4, 2011

Girls & Ghosts at Friends of Leon Gallery

Girls & Ghosts features stylish works by internationally recognized illustrator Anneli Olander. The Swedish artist’s new collection deals with beauty and imperfection, a perfect topic given that the exhibition opens during Australian… Read more
Art Apr 29, 2011


NoseGo, aka Yisawayl Goodwin, is a graduated of Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, where he studied digital film and illustration. His work balances the influences of both real urban space and an imaginary world. More of NoseGo after… Read more
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