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Other Jan 15, 2008

Inquirind Mind – Alife NYC Feature

The good people from Inquiring Mind have put up their latest feature and this time spoke with three of the founders of Alife NYC. It’s an interesting read on how they started, what keeps them motivated, what Alife stands for … Read more
Other Jan 7, 2008

Inquiring Mind – Focus Photography Feature

Inquiring Mind has released their latest feature – Focus. As usual the Canadian online magazine does an outstanding job in terms of presentation. Focus is a feature on up and coming amateur photographers. They present works by the artists… Read more
Other Oct 17, 2007

Catching Up on Some Reading

This week some nice features went live on some of the sites that we read on a regular, so here is a little round-up on recent interview features that you should definitely read. The Shadow Conspiracy did a feature on … Read more
Other Oct 9, 2007

INQMND Buyers Buyble Fall ’07

Inquiring Mind has released their Fall 2007 Buyers Buyble and as usual its a piece of art. They present products from all your favorite brands and also some unseen goodies that you do not want to miss. Namely they show … Read more
Other Sep 2, 2007

Clipse Interview by Inqmnd

Here some good weekend reading for you. Inquiring Mind is once again at it and presents their next feature interview, this time with the Clipse. Its been 5 years since the Virginia Beach rap duo Clipse released their classic debut … Read more
Books & Magazines Jul 25, 2007

New Inquiring Mind Features

Inquiring Mind has put up some new features. We don’t even have to go on anymore about the quality of the execution. New interviews now up for reading with Marcus Ericsson, the man behind the new website. Read more
Art Jul 19, 2007

INQMND Artist Profiles – Zion

Inquiring Mind just started a new series of Artist Profiles on their site. Much like their great big interview features, they will interview some of the most inspiring artists in our culture. They started with Toronto graffiti artist Zion… Read more
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