Art Apr 21, 2010

Interview | Eric Eaton

Fecal Face just published their interview with my good friend Eric Eaton. Covering his recent “The Land of Love and No Fear” exhibition, the piece gets to Eaton’s inspirations and covers topics ranging from childhood to travel. In… Read more
Art Apr 14, 2010

Arrested Motion Interviews Shawn Barber

Shawn Barber’s show at Joshua Liner Gallery is fast approaching. In step, Arrested Motion chatted with the artist. It is a very informative and well paced interview. Highly recommended reading. Above is a shot from Barber’s studio. Read more
Art Apr 5, 2010

Video | Robert Berman Interview

Robert Berman, art dealer and owner of the Robert Berman gallery in Santa Monica, CA is interviewed by Scion Magazine. He discusses his experiences buying and selling art in Paris, being in the NY art scene at the time of … Read more
Art Feb 16, 2010

Interview Magazine | Rob Pruitt

Interview has a brief, but fascinating talk with Rob Pruitt. The artist, and man responsible for the Guggenheim’s First Annual Art Awards, chats with James Franco about his career, schooling, and an innate ability to shock. Read in full… Read more
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