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Accessories Feb 8, 2013

Wally, the iPhone Wallet Case

In an already successful Kickstarter campaign, Distil Union has created Wally, a reinvented iPhone wallet case. While the concept and other designs have been around for a while, Distil Union’s manages to take the aesthetic up a notch with a… Read more
Gadgets Feb 7, 2013

iPhone 5 Mophie Juice Pack Helium

The Mophie Juice Pack helium for iPhone 5 is fitted with 80% more battery life to refill your iPhone when it’s draining its last battery reserves. 13% slimmer than any of their previous battery packs, you may not feel the … Read more
Accessories Feb 4, 2013

Gizmon iCA iPhone 5 Case

The popular Gizmon iCA case is now finally also available for the iPhone 5. Rather than just redesigning it and making it compatible with the new iPhone, the makers of the case have added a series of new functions to … Read more
Accessories Jan 15, 2013

Medicom Bearbrick iPhone 5 Cases

You can never have enough choice when it comes to making your iPhone 5 look a little different from everybody else’s out there. Japanese brand Medicom, best known for their Bearbrick toys, presents the new Bearbrick silicone iPhone 5 cases… Read more
Gadgets Dec 6, 2012

Will.i.am Launches i.am+ foto.sosho iPhone Cases

Black Eyed Pea Will.i.am has announced a range of classy iPohne cases, which will boost that 8 Megapixel camera up to sweeping 14 Megapixel. All of them designed to mimick classic rangefinder cameras, the cases come in 4 different versions… Read more
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