Gadgets May 28, 2012

gTar by Incident

Launched on Kickstarter and right afterwards presented during the Techcrunch Disrupt event in New York, the gTar by Incident is a gadget to look out for. The gTar is a fully digital guitar that makes it easy for anybody to … Read more
Gadgets May 11, 2012

Day Maker iPhone Toaster Alarm

Michael Kritzer, who with designers from Habitco, wants to improve the way we wake up every morning, having stated, “The way we see it, waking with a standard alarm is pretty sadistic.” Their solution’s the Day Maker, that sees them… Read more
Design May 1, 2012

Video: iPhone Diorama

Mike Ko produced a quite impressive video animation on top of his iPhone. Check out the outcome, that he called ‘iPhone Diorama’. Enjoy! Read more
Gadgets Apr 2, 2012

Meet the iPhone Pro

The amount of concepts being created around Apple products, especially around their iPhone and iPad categories is incredible. As such the quality in many cases of those concepts is of course great. Some are more interesting than others… Read more
Tech Mar 25, 2012

Instagram for Android is Coming Soon

Instagram has been a massive hit on the iPhone. The photo sharing app/social network has grown to over 27 million active users this month. Last week they announced their partnership with Hipstamatic. We know so many people that actually got… Read more
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