Gadgets Jul 22, 2008

Apple iPod x The Simpsons

Apple and The Simpsons joined forces to create some limited edition iPods. They offer the iPod classic, iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch in various colorways with engraved artwork of the cartoon on the iPods. Each iPod model is limited … Read more
Gadgets Apr 14, 2008

The Pacemaker By Tonium

The Pacemaker is an incredible new audio player and tool that we have been waiting for, for months now and cannot wait to test it out soon. Pacemaker is a revolutionizing portable music player  equipped with an extensive range of … Read more
Gadgets Apr 13, 2008

Courvoisier x LRG iPhone/iPod/Blackberry

To promote their new Exclusif Cognac, Courvoisier is going out this spring to present on a US tour an exclusive clothing line designed by LRG. Furthermore they customized some limited edition gadgets, including the Blackberry, iPhone and… Read more
Gadgets Mar 6, 2008

Numark TTi

This week we came across an interesting new product by Numark – the TTi. The turntable can be connected to the computer via USB and it has a direct iPod dock. You can record vinyl directly onto your iPod and … Read more
Gadgets Mar 4, 2008

Greyone x Etchstar

Etchstar, the Los Angeles-Melrose based laser etching laptop and ipod service brand, has launched an exclusive collobration with Greyone. The collaboration is available online now at Etchstar.com, under the Greyone Collection. In this… Read more
Gadgets Feb 28, 2008

Head Porter iPod Nano Cases/Holder

Honeyee presents the latest range of iPod Nano cases by Head Porter. They present a classic closed case, which looks very similar to a classic wallet. It comes in overall 6 colorways, featuring subtle solid colorways, but also a polka … Read more
Gadgets Feb 26, 2008

Tinbot x Parra iPod Case

Now you can also have artist Parra protect your iPod. The people from Tinbot worked with him on their latest case. Tinbot makes metal cases for iPods, in case you have not heard about them before. The new Parra Model … Read more
Gadgets Dec 3, 2007

Might Healthy NYC x Logitech iPod Speaker System

Just recently we showed you images of the Black Scale x Logitech iPod Speaker System (see again here). We also announced at the time collaborations of Mighty Healthy and Diamond Supply Co. with the computer accessories brand. Here you see… Read more
Gadgets Nov 20, 2007

BlackScale x Logitech iPod Speaker System

A few weeks ago we presented you the debut collection of BlackScale, the brand by Mega of Huf SF (see again here). In between a strong first collection and the next one to launch soon, the brand has now gotten … Read more
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