jeremy scott

Clothing May 27, 2014

Why is Fur Hip Hop but Not Streetwear?

On the big list of bad topics around the fashion dinner party table, nothing gets food flying like dropping the F-bomb (that’s “fur,” not the other one). For some, fur is the epitome of elegance: luxurious, timeless and remarkably… Read more
Fashion Apr 2, 2014

TRENDING: The Trickle Up Effect

For his Spring/Summer 1993 show at Perry Ellis, a young designer by the name of Marc Jacobs decided to try something new. After a few seasons of churning out predictable, unoffensive all-American looks, he would attempt to capture the… Read more
Clothing Feb 12, 2014

Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Jeremy Scott looked to sportswear for inspiration when designing the elements that make up the majority of his Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The collection consists of colorful fuzzy jersey-style sweaters, some surprisingly good-looking… Read more
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