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Art Jun 17, 2011

Kaikai Kiki Gallery at VOLTA7

The Kaikai Kiki Gallery installation at VOLTA7 Art Fair, Basel, 2011 features a great diversity of work, with each step still proving Takeshi Murakami’s influence on each artist from the collective. SlamxHype shares a full look at the… Read more
Art Dec 22, 2009

New Takashi Murakami Prints

KaiKai Kiki presents a new series of prints by Takashi Murakami. All in all there are 3 prints in this new series, and they will be released soon in the honeyee online store. Read more
Accessories Dec 9, 2009

KaiKai Kiki 2010 Calendar

KaiKai Kiki has come out with their new 2010 calendar. The calendar features the artwork of the entire KaiKai Kiki line-up of artists, including Takashi Murakami and Mr., two of our personal favorites. The calendar is now available from the… Read more
Accessories Aug 25, 2009

KaiKai Kiki Flower Plush Ball

KaiKai Kiki, the production company of Takashi Murakami, presents the Flower Plush Ball. Made up of the characters by the iconic Japanese artist, the flower plush ball comes in three sizes – 25cm, 40cm and 60cm. The largest size goes … Read more
Accessories Aug 13, 2009

Kaikai Kiki Dokura Ring

The design of Takashi Murakami has now also made its way to jewelry. KaiKai Kiki will release the Dokura Ring. The ring will come in silver, white gold with diamonds and yellow gold with diamonds. The eyes of the skull … Read more
Fashion Aug 31, 2008

Kaikai Kiki By Takashi Murakami T-Shirts

For all Takashi Murakami fans, there are some new t-shirts available now from his Kaikai Kiki label. Overall three t-shirts that play with some of teh artist’s most powerful and recognized graphics, are now available at Cliff Edge. More… Read more
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