katie eary

Highsnobiety Visits Aug 12, 2014

Highsnobiety Visits | Katie Eary

Known for her loud, printed menswear collections, London designer Katie Eary definitely likes to make a statement. From her recent Sneaker Rotation, to her runway shows, the upcoming designer is all about being being as bold as can be. We… Read more
Sneaker Rotation Aug 6, 2014

Sneaker Rotation | Katie Eary

Hot on the heels of our last Sneaker Rotation featuring a number of names* owner Craig Ford, comes fashion designer Katie Eary‘s selection of sneaks. Known for her loud, over-the-top prints and designs, her sneaker collection is certainly… Read more
Clothing Jan 11, 2014

Katie Eary Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

As always Katie Eary sent out a loud collection full of bright colors and prints for Fall/Winter 2014. The English designer took inspiration from Mickey Mouse, even sending models down the runway wearing plastic Mickey heads complete with… Read more
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