Lifestyle Sep 24, 2014

Stainless Steel EDC Multi-Tool Card

A new Kickstarter campaign takes cues from high-end outdoor/military knives to create a stainless steel EDC multi-tool card. The bottom line for the Cleveland-based designers Cha-O-Ha was making a product that takes up little space, while… Read more
Lifestyle Sep 3, 2014

Zipbuds “Tangle-Free” Earbuds

On the list of life’s little annoyances, tangled headphones rank somewhere alongside toasters that always burn your bread and people who block escalators – none of them will cause the end of civilization, but if you could rid your life… Read more
Lifestyle Oct 24, 2013

Bitlock, the Smartphone-Controlled Bike Lock

A Kickstarter campaign is underway to make BitLock, a smartphone-controlled bike lock becoming a reality. The device works by a proximity sensor and automatically unlocks itself when it detects your smartphone is less than three feet away… Read more
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