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Fashion Jul 2, 2008

Kiks TYO Meets Disney

We announced it before and now Japanese brand Kiks TYO has released first t-shirts out of their Disney collaboration collection. For the start they offer the "Pete", "DJ Mickey" and "Mickey’s Shoes" designs at their Tokyo flagship store… Read more
Uncategorized Jun 30, 2008

Kiks TYO x Black Flys Sunglasses

Here comes another collaborative project by Kiks TYO. This time the Japanese label got together with Black Flys on some space sunglasses. Certainly something special and something not everybody is into! More detailed images after the jump. Read more
Fashion May 27, 2008

Kiks TYO x Disney Tees

The scope of the Disney empire ranges far and wide. Famed characters land on the silver screen, Saturday morning tv, new eras and are (more or less) ubiquitous elements of popular culture for any generation. Kiks TYO is the latest … Read more
Fashion May 1, 2008

Double Hard x Kiks Tyo Tees

In celebration of its 5th birthday Double Hard, the label by DJ Hazime, has collaborated on a few tees. Kiks Tyo is one of several teams Double Hard is working with (Swagger, Trainerspotter and Mackdaddy being the others) and the … Read more
Fashion Apr 28, 2008

KIKS TYO Summer ’08 Catalogue

The Kiks Tyo Summer ’08 catalogue is up and worth a look on their website. The line includes tees, caps, bags and denim. Of course, each is infused with a nod to sneakers. The brand has significantly increased the size … Read more
Fashion Apr 15, 2008

Kiks TYO Pop-Up Store @ Laforet Tokyo

Kiks TYO will be opening a pop-up store at the Laforet Hotel in Tokyo, where they will present the work surrounding the Sneaker Lovers project, that they worked on with Aki Hoshino and photographer Yone. Of course they also release … Read more
Other Apr 9, 2008

Aki Hoshino “Sneaker Lover” DVD

Sneaker Lover, a project conceived and directed by KIKS TYO creative director Shinichi Izaki (aka hobby:tech) and released by Goma Books, marks the first collaborative professional effort between its subject, Aki Hoshino and it’s… Read more
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