Art Apr 10, 2011

Recap | Krink x G-Shock Installation

On Friday, G-Shock celebrated its collaboration with Krink via a full scale installation at 18 Wooster Street in New York City. Craig Costello, Krink founder and also known as KR, spray painted gallery walls with his trademark drip… Read more
Art Aug 25, 2010

Krink Vs. Yone at And A, Tokyo

Street artist KR has joined forces with photographer Yasumasa “Yone” Yonehara for an exhibit at Toyko retailer And A. Seen here is a preview of what you can expect to see at the exhibition. The opening party takes place August … Read more
Art Jul 11, 2010


KR is in Sao Paulo for ROJO®NOVA at the MIS museum. The image above is from one room in the museum where three artists KR, Yochai Matos (light piece), and Rebecca Ward (tape) collaborated to amazing result. Check some more … Read more
Art May 29, 2010

KR in Taipei

KR recently visited Xièxiè, Taipei for an art show at The Base. Above left you see a Krinked Taiwanese Betel nut stand. “Betel Nut is a nut wrapped in a leaf that people chew to get a buzz. There is … Read more
Art Apr 23, 2010

Video – Craig “KR” Costello Interview

KR spent all of last week in Berlin to work on a new project. One of Berlin’s architectural landmarks, the Bierpinsel, got a little KR make-over. Our friends from artschoolvets passed by and interviewed the artist about his influences… Read more
Art Jan 25, 2010

Craig KR Costello at stilwerk, Hamburg

KR redesigned two historic hops processing engines and painted the 6th floor lounge at stilwerk Hamburg (an old hops factory turned gallery) with his unique KRINK drip aesthetic. These pieces are now on display at the historic building… Read more
Art Oct 29, 2009

KRINK Mini Cooper S | A Closer Look

Legendary New York street artist Craig “KR” Costello customized a Mini Cooper S with his signature KRINK aesthetic. The car was shown today at Erste Liebe Bar in Hamburg, Germany. A vernissage takes place at Vicious Gallery on October… Read more
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