Fashion Apr 15, 2009

Leilow Spring 2009 T-Shirts

Finally we get a look at the Leilow Spring 2009 Collection. As usual the Hawaiian brand presents something different – their graphics are in no way similar to any other brand out there and that’s what we appreciate so much … Read more
Fashion Nov 23, 2008

Leilow Holiday 2008 T-Shirts | Part 2

Leilow has released new t-shirts out of their Fall/Winter 2008 collection. They keep it simple in this release and put out a logo t-shirts and the “peacegun” t-shirt, both coming in two colorways. Via Jules Gayton. More images of the… Read more
Fashion Nov 13, 2008

Leilow Fall/Holiday 2008 T-Shirts | Part 2

After previously showing you part 1 of the Leilow Fall/Holiday 2008 collection, we show you the second part today. The Hawaiian brand presents some more t-shirts, once again coming with unique designs, that clearly set them apart from… Read more
Fashion Nov 6, 2008

Leilow Fall/Holiday 2008 T-Shirts | Part 1

Leilow will be releasing the first t-shirts out of their Fall/Holiday 2008 collection in store this Saturday, November 8th. As usual Leilow presents a quite unique set of designs. Via Jules Gayton. Have a look at the first releases after… Read more
Fashion Jul 10, 2008

Leilow Silver Editions

Leilow will be releasing Silver Editions of some of their most popular t-shirts. Black t-shirt with silver print. The Aloha Fixed collaboration and the Sade collaboration t-shirts are part of the series, both launching on July 17th… Read more
Fashion May 23, 2008

Leilow S/S ’08 Collection

We present you the Leilow Spring/Summer 2008 collection. The brand is based out of Hawaii as most of you should know by now and even though they do things different from everybody else, they never forget to connect most of … Read more
Caps & Hats Mar 25, 2008

Leilow x Surfline x New Era Caps

Leilow moved their store and will be re-opening on April 1rst. To celebrate the occasion they made the Leilow x Surfline x New Era caps. The caps come in vintage inside out hawaiian shirt fabric and will be available in … Read more
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