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Caps & Hats Jan 3, 2012

Ludwig Van x Quintin ‘Scout Series’ Caps

The Ludwig Van x Quintin “Scout Series” dropping on January 3rd, 2012, is the newest offering from L.A. based Ludwig Van and Quintin Co. This time, a cache of decades-old US Military fabrics including WWII-era Army twill, Vietnam-era… Read more
Caps & Hats Jun 23, 2011

Ludwig Van x Quintin Selvdedge X Project

L.A. based Ludwig Van and Quintin Co. have turned a cache of decades-old Burlington Mills (“deadstock”) selvedge denim into this new collaboration. The 6-panel cap features selvedge denim, leather embossed patch, stash pocket inside and… Read more
Bikes Jul 1, 2010

Rust Heap BMX Bike

Today we are introducing Rust Heap, a multi-brand collaboration BMX bike that was over a year in the making. Brought together by longtime BMX pro Mike Ardelean and Tim Swart of UNIV, the two friends connected their network of eight … Read more
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