Video Jul 19, 2011

Video | TateShots: 11 Rooms, Manchester Festival

“A floating man, a naked woman, and a human revolving door are just some of the surprises that make up ’11 Rooms’, an exhibition at the Manchester International Festival 2011. Artists such as John Baldessari, Roman Ondák and Marina… Read more
Sneakers Feb 2, 2010

Lakai Spring 2010 Lean Series

Development of Lakai‘s Lean category continues for Spring 2010 with the addition of the MJ2 Select alongside new Manchester and Howard Select colorways. “The broad appeal of the MJ2 Select silhouette makes it an easy pick in expanding… Read more
Sneakers Sep 17, 2009

Lakai Holiday 2009 Leisure Lean Collection

In effort to combat the (admittedly weaning) fat skate shoe epidemic, Lakai has released a high-quality selection of Lean Coda Hi and Manchester Select styles. “Premium leather in bold colors garner much attention for the Coda Hi while… Read more
Art May 4, 2008

Guy McKinley at Carhartt Manchester

Earlier we showed you a preview of Carhartt’s new Manchester retail space. As mentioned, the art instillation at the shop features Liverpool born, locally based illustrator Guy McKinley. Six prints were produced of McKinley’s work to… Read more
Stores May 2, 2008

Carhartt Manchester Store

In the early 1900s Manchester’s Oldham Street was the heart of a vibrant cotton industry. Connecting that history with Carhartt’s own is the driving force behind the design for the new shop in the Lancashire city. The location is not… Read more
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