Design Aug 9, 2011

London Tube Map Redesign by Mark Noad

London designer Mark Noad had heard widespread criticism of the London Tube Map, so when he revamped the design of the London Underground map, he knew what needed to change. The new map design features lines and angles that are more … Read more
Fashion Mar 10, 2008

Futura Laboratories Map Pointman Collection

The latest from Futura Laboratories is the Map Pointman Collection. It consists of longsleeve t-shirts featuring iconic Futura characters with a map background, as well as matching mouse pads. Now available at the FL Shop. Check out more… Read more
Books & Magazines Dec 31, 2007

Invasion In The U.K. by Invader

Invader developed for the past 10 years his graphic universe, made of computer pixel and of one of the most ancient material: mosaic.Those invasions, meticulously documented & archived, are now a real colorful network around his home city… Read more
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