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Design Jan 23, 2013

Marc Newson Designs an Autonomous Flying Device

Iconic Australian designer Marc Newson has designed an autonomous flying device; although most people would probably refer to it as a jet pack. Newson’s design incorporates his signature elements and includes a carbon fiber shell, padded… Read more
Fashion Aug 30, 2012

G-Star by Marc Newson Fall/Winter 2012

Marc Newson is one of the most accomplished and influential designers of his generation. He has not only worked in fashion but across a wide range of disciplines, creating everything from furniture and household objects, to bicycles and… Read more
Gadgets Feb 1, 2012

Pentax K-01 Designed by Marc Newson

First images of the upcoming Pentax K-01 camera, designed by Marc Newson, have leaked this week. But the camera does not only look cool, it also comes with the world’s thinnest interchangeable lens. “This unifocal standard lens offers a… Read more
Fashion Jun 17, 2011

G-Star by Marc Newson Summer 2011

For Summer 2011, the latest collection from G-Star by Marc Newson has an army beach theme. The collection features a range of sweaters, shirts, battle pants and swim shorts, most of which incorporate a simplified camouflage print. See more… Read more
Denim Feb 6, 2011

G-Star RAW by Marc Newson Spring/Summer 2011

G-Star RAW by Marc Newson presents their new Spring/Summer 2011 range of clothing. Though we’re not 100% sure we’d wear any of the pieces, the fusion of high-tech materials and forward-thinking design is a welcome change from the… Read more
Design Sep 18, 2010

Marc Newson “Transport” Exhibition Recap

The Marc Newson “Transport” exhibition opened Tuesday night at Gargosian Gallery’s Chelsea location. Curated reports - The exhibition is a terrific opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Newson’s more fantastic… Read more
Design Sep 15, 2010

Marc Newson “Transport”

Transport, a thematic exhibition of work by Marc Newson, bringing together for the first time all of his major designs for transport since 1999 opened last night at Gargosian Gallery’s Chelsea location. The material will remain on view… Read more
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