Art Sep 7, 2010

Anselm Reyle for Mekanism Skateboards

For its unique project of 2010, Mekanism gave carte blanche to German artist Anselm Reyle. “For his project for Mekanism, Anselm Reyle applied several thin layers of spray painted neon pink and added two different mudstone coloured paints… Read more
Art Oct 4, 2008

Dirk Skreber For Mekanism Skateboards

Mekanism’s second project for 2008 features the art of German born, New York resident, Dirk Skreber. Skreber has painted 50 skateboards in groupings, using the boards as pieces of a larger canvases. His work depicts car crashes and… Read more
Art May 8, 2008

Mekanism x Thaddeus Strode

For its first artist project in 2008, Mekanism Skateboards gave carte blanche toAmerican painter Thaddeus Strode. Overall the artist painted onto 40 skatedecks, which are all individually signed and numbered. After previously working with… Read more
Art Sep 11, 2007

Mekanism x Albert Oehlen Skateboard Decks

Once again Mekanism presents an outstanding new project and this time gave carte blanche to German painter Albert Oehlen. Even though we have seen other artist collaboration projects by Mekanism, this project is a new approach. Albert… Read more
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