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Caps & Hats Aug 11, 2008

New Era “Animal Trucker” Mesh Caps

These new "Animal Trucker" mesh caps by New Era have landed at Fuctard. The classic 5950 was transformed into a trucker mesh cap and the front panels come in faux fur with zebra and leopard patterns. Have a more detailed … Read more
Caps & Hats Jun 4, 2008

F.C.R.B. Black Series

Sophnet sub brand F.C.R.B. has released the Black Series. The Black Series consists of t-shirts and a mesh cap, of course all coming in black. The t-shirts are actually Nike Dri-Fit tees.  Check out the other t-shirts after the jump. Read more
Caps & Hats Apr 6, 2008

Bounty X Hunter April ’08 Releases

Bounty X Hunter has released first pieces out of their Summer ’08 collection over the weekend. Among the releases were shorts, shortsleeve shirts and t-shirts. In terms of accessories the brand released a mesh cap, a panama hat… Read more
Caps & Hats Apr 3, 2008

Neighborhood For Zozoresort

Neighborhood made a couple of special items for the Members Only section of Zozotown, Zozoresort. They made a coach jacket, t-shirts as well as mesh caps. The capsule collection keeps the “Delta” theme of the current Spring/Summer 2008… Read more
Caps & Hats Feb 21, 2008

Beams T x Futura

FL Shop just reports about a new collaboration of Japanese store Beams T with artist Futura. They made t-shirts together reading Beams T on the front in the signature Futura font. The t-shirts come in black and white. Furthermore they … Read more
Stores Feb 19, 2008

Silas & Maria Omiya/Nagoya Store Openings

A couple of years ago the British label Silas & Maria was moved to Japan, with most accounts outside of Japan being closed. Now the brand is opening two new flagship stores – one in Omiya and one in Nagoya. … Read more
Caps & Hats Feb 7, 2008

Division Mesh Cap

We present you the first Spring ’08 item of the Division line, by Vancouver store Subdivision. The mesh cap comes in a simple black with a tonal DVSN print, waxed back panel and a signature bold detail on the tongue. … Read more
Caps & Hats Feb 7, 2008

Nomadi x CLOT Mesh Cap

Nomadi and CLOT joined forces to work on a mesh cap. The cap comes in a denim colorway with a large Nomadi logo over the front and a small CLOT logo. The cap comes nicely packaged in a box and … Read more
Caps & Hats Jan 28, 2008

Subcrew x ACU Mesh Cap

After recently showing you the teaser of the Subcrew x ACU mesh cap, we can now give you a look at the final product. Interesting on the cap is for sure the cigarette holder on the side. Definitely a useful … Read more
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