Uncategorized May 27, 2010

Metalwork by David Clarke

Regularly celebrated as on of Britain’s most innovative silversmiths, David Clarke also produces unusual works of nickel plated pewter. Traditional techniques and styles meld quite well with more “out there” designs – often mashing… Read more
Art Mar 16, 2010


Now on view in Hamburg (at Craft2Eu, Eppendorfer Weg 231), Paperficial exhibits a series of objects blends the possibilities and aesthetic of paper with other materials, or transfers the visual qualities of those materials to paper based… Read more
Art Jan 4, 2010

Cal Lane | Metalwork

Cal Lane first caught my eye in “Lace in Translation,” an exhibition at Philadelphia University last autumn. A brief nod to her work from Juxtapoz reignited interest, and it seems she is certainly worth further exploration. A graduate… Read more
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