Sneakers Sep 27, 2008

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Premium | ACG Inspired

An interesting new Air Force 1 Mid by Nike has been released today. Inspired by classic ACG colors, the AF1 comes with nubuck, suede and ballistic nylon on the upper. The colors are also fresh, especially the thin hiking inspired … Read more
Uncategorized Sep 18, 2008

Reebok Pump Paydirt Mid

Rolling with some of their early 90s training shoes is one of the best things Reebok’s done with their archive. The Pump Paydirt has an outsole designed for pre-season turf training and frequent cuts. Think Emmet Smith. Reebok did when… Read more
Sneakers Sep 6, 2008

Nike Free Court Trail Mid And Low

We showed first images of the new Nike Free Court Trail hybrid sneaker a couple of months ago. Now they have finally released in a mid and a low version. Both come in two colorways, feature a Court Force upper … Read more
Sneakers Sep 4, 2008

Converse Jams Skidgrip Mid

Jams can be one of a few things. Parties. Long, lightweight shorts. Powerful dunks. In this case, its the name of a skate shoe from Converse’s back catalog. Drawn from the era when vert was king, and wild color shorts … Read more
Sneakers Aug 18, 2008

JB Classics ’09 Getlo Mid II

We give you a preview of the Getlo Mid II by JB Classics. The shoe is part of their Prime Label collection and presents a nice subtle look with well chosen premium materials in an overall good mix. Many more … Read more
Skateboarding Jul 31, 2008

Reebok DGK R.A.D. Collection

A couple of weeks ago we presented you the new Reebok R.A.D. collection. The Reebok R.A.D. collection debuted in 1987 and was Reebok’s first foray into the skateboard arena. R.A.D., which stands for Reebok Advanced Design, was truly ahead… Read more
Sneakers Jul 9, 2008

Reebok R.A.D. Mid/Low And Clothing

Last week we presented you three colorways of the upcoming Reebok R.A.D. Mid collection. Today we show you the 4th colorway of the Mid, in all black, and we also present you the R.A.D. Low in a series of colorways. … Read more
Sneakers Jun 17, 2008

Lacoste Tennis Mid Snake

The Lacoste Tennis Mid was first introduced in the late 80′s and now it is coming back as part of the Lacoste Stealth collection. They updated the look of the sneaker by giving it some snake skin on the upper. … Read more
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