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Clothing Dec 15, 2013

Mission Workshop “The Signal” 5-Pocket Pant

San Francisco-based Mission Workshop delivers “The Signal” 5-pocket pant just in time for winter. Constructed from a unique double-weave fabric construction, a super soft inner face provides extra warmth for the cold months ahead. A similar… Read more
Accessories May 24, 2012

Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Pack

If you’re a backpack/bag enthusiast, then you more than likely are familiar with Mission Workshop. They are certainly one of the best around as far as technical bags go. The Arkiv Field Pack is the latest release from the San … Read more
Accessories Jan 7, 2012

Mission Workshop VX Large Rucksack

Mission Workshop, purveyors of fine cycling inspired bags and apparel, have just released this VX large rucksack as part of their AP (Advanced Project) series. This piece is built to last: The AP Series Fitzroy rucksack features the Arkiv®… Read more
Accessories Oct 30, 2011

Mission Workshop Fitzroy Rucksack

Mission Workshop presents its new weatherproof Fitzroy backpack for Fall/Winter 2011. The Fitzroy features multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and an internal frame sheet. The large zippered… Read more
Accessories Oct 18, 2011

Buyers Guide: 9 Amazing Bags Available Now

For this week’s buyers guide the folks from Carryology are filling you in on the latest in messengers, backpacks and weekenders/duffels… So what do we think is happening in carry right now? A whole lot of heritage. Probably too much… Read more
Accessories Jul 14, 2011

Mission Workshop AP Series VX Messenger Bags

The Mission Workshop AP Series represents a no-holds-barred division of the cycling bag company. As they put it, “this is where we don’t try to be different, just better.” Their first AP (Advanced Projects) release is the VX Messenger Bag… Read more
Accessories Jul 1, 2010

Mission Workshop Bags

Following the sale of Chrome Bags (and the end of their noncompete agreement) Bart Kyzar and Mark Falvai are back with Mission Workshop. Taking on a more high-end approach, the bags feature outdoor and mountaineering elements, offering… Read more
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