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Art Jul 5, 2011

Olson, Olson, Recine and Associates at NYEHAUS

Last week at NYEHAUS, an ambitious concept show launched featuring work by Alex Olson, Steve Olson, Yaniv Evan, Bob Recine, Curtis Kulig, and Phil Frost. Their collective brand of lawless art is fueled by counter and subcultural connections… Read more
Art May 18, 2011

Breach of Privacy at Carmichael Gallery

On May 21, 2011, Carmichael Gallery opens Breach of Privacy, a group exhibition featuring works by Yasmine Chatila, Hilo Chen, Adam Krueger, Alyssa Monks and Jaclyn Santos. These five New York- based artists span a disparate range of media… Read more
Art Mar 18, 2011

New Works by Ian Gamache

Ian Gamache is an artist living in Canada. His work is rooted in the traditional mark making disciplines (painting and drawing), but he also incorporates photography, collage, onsite projects, performance and installation. New mixed media… Read more
Art Jan 7, 2011

Recap | Timothy Paul Meyers: The Ontario Ration

As noted last week, New York’s Pelavin Gallery hosts Timothy Paul Meyers fascinating reconstruction of the life of unknown egg farmer Myron B. Johnson in The Ontario Ration. Through mixed media and sculptural installations, Meyers has… Read more
Art Jan 4, 2011

Timothy Paul Meyers: The Ontario Ration

Timothy Paul Meyers: The Ontario Ration opens on January 6, 2011 at New York’s Pelavin Gallery. Using a found business ledger, circa 1899-1929, of a relatively unknown egg farmer as the foundation of this exhibition, Myers attempts to… Read more
Art Aug 18, 2010

Video | Lady Aiko at The Standard, Hollywood

Mixed media artist Lady Aiko, took up residence at The Standard, Hollywood, for one week during the opening of her new show, Vivid Fiction, at Merry Karnowsky Gallery. While staying at the hotel as an ‘artist in residence’, she created… Read more
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