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Art Dec 24, 2010

Wooster Collective on Censorship in Museums

Marc offers his thoughts on the buffing of Blu’s mural at MOCA LA - Over the last few days Sara and I have read a lot, if not all, of the commentary that’s been posted online about the abrupt removal … Read more
Art Dec 23, 2010

Suprasensorial at MOCA, LA

Fancy swimming in a museum? That is just one of the possible sensory experiences possible at MOCA, LA’s Suparsensorial: Experiments in Light, Color, and Space. Running through February 27, 2011 the exhibition brings together a number of… Read more
Uncategorized Dec 11, 2010

MoCA LA Censors Blu Mural

Blu, an Italian muralist whose work has received much attention here, was one of the artists chosen by MoCA chief Jeffery Deitch to participate in the much hyped 2011 exhibition Art in the Streets. Blu completed his mural, but with … Read more
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