Design Jul 19, 2011

Lean & Billie by MONOCOMPLEX

Inspired by Michael Jackson, Korean design firm MONOCOMPLEX have created a table and lamp dedicated to his passion for song and dance. With the “Billie” side table and “Lean” floor lighting, MONOCOMPLEX borrows the motif from… Read more
Design Apr 19, 2011

Tack Bench and Stool

These are cute as a tack… um, button. Monocomplex has released the Tack Bench and Stool, fun summer seating designed for beach living. Easy to stack and story. Super easy to plant in the sand. More looks after the jump. Read more
Design Mar 18, 2011

Kinetic Robot (Metal Stationery Project)

Produced by Korean design firm Monocomplex, the Kinetic Robot “induces simple behavior to a person. If the same movement is repeated or the same strength is given for constant time, desired result will come out. A robot contains strong… Read more
Design Feb 28, 2011

Lighting from Monocomplex

Monocomplex, a design firm located in Seoul, Korea, has unveiled two new lighting fixtures. The first (seen above) is called “Retro TV Lighting.” The firm says, “According to digital time’s advent, analog things are being protruded… Read more
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