Uncategorized May 16, 2011

“Street Cred” at Pasadena Museum of California Art

MoCA isn’t the only SoCal institution celebrating street art’s rich history this Summer. Street Cred opened at the Pasadena Museum of California Art this past weekend, and (as you’d expect given the museum name) focus more fully on… Read more
Architecture Jan 13, 2011

Salvador Dali Museum Open in Florida

Housing the world’s largest collection of works by Salvador Dali, St. Petersburg, Florida’s Salvador Dali Museum boasts a new building by international practice HOK. The design is inspired by two things – surrealist art and the… Read more
Design May 18, 2010

Origins of the Vitra Design Museum Collections

Fitting for ICFF and New York Design Week, Daily Icon refers to an article from Vitra Magazine on the origins of the Vitra Design Museum collections. Accompanied by storage shots (who doesn’t love those?), the short piece points to the… Read more
Uncategorized Nov 13, 2009

Favorite Museums: American Folk Art Museum

Despite being situated next to the mighty MOMA, I still tend to think of the American Folk Art Museum as a little hidden gem. The confinments of the space lends well to tightly edited and engrossing shows. Time and time … Read more
Art Sep 24, 2009

National Museum Day Guide

Saturday is national museum day. In celebration, the Smithsonian magazine extends free entry to 42 affiliated museums in New York. Entry cards are available here for print out. Chris Schonberger (my brother) and Jonathan Shannon of Time Out… Read more
Architecture Sep 10, 2009

Herning Museum, Denmark

Steven Holl Architects has completed the Herning Museum of Contemporary Art. Opened to the public yesterday, the new space will combine three local cultural institutions bringing a more dynamic fusion of the arts to the region. The design… Read more
Architecture Aug 20, 2009

Tjep for the Maritiem Museum, Rotterdam

Exhibition design is often overlooked by many museum goers. Display and signage do, however, play an integral roll in how the space is paced and the objects are viewed. Dutch firm Tjep has done a remarkable job of working the … Read more
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