Clothing Aug 14, 2007

New Nexus VII Releases

Nexus VII continues to put out pieces of their Fall/Winter 2007 collection. The brand is slowly becoming one of the major players out of Japan, next to the ones that we report about on a regular already, such as Visvim, … Read more
Fashion Jul 30, 2007

New Nexus VII T-Shirts Released

Here you see some of the latest t-shirts released by Nexus VII this month. It is great to see how the brand seems to manage to establish itself more and more. With the remixes of known designs, adding their reverse … Read more
Fashion Jul 12, 2007

Nexus VII Alicia Keys T-Shirt

Nexus VII has somehow managed to turn a few of their t-shirt designs into classics in this short time. The “Does It Better” series does exactly that and also this series, that reminds us of the Stussy WorldTour always brings … Read more
Fashion Jul 11, 2007

New Original Fake T-Shirts

Sold Out received the latest Original Fake t-shirts and also the socks. Some of them feature again graphics by Kaws, but most interesting we find these super simple black and white tees that just feature the iconic Kaws crosses embroidered… Read more
Clothing Jul 9, 2007

Latest Nexus VII Releases

Nexus VII released some nice products these last days. They continue their “Does It Better” t-shirt series and did this time an Al Pacino version of it. They also released other tees and just like other Japanese brands lately, they … Read more
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