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Sneakers Mar 2, 2010

(NIKE) RED Dunk Low Preview

We came across these (NIKE) RED Dunk Lows at the recent Nike World Cup event in London. The red and black leather Dunks feature a number of (NIKE) RED elements including the (NIKE) RED Lace Up Save Lives laces, a … Read more
Accessories Jan 29, 2010

(NIKE) RED Lace Up Save Lives Video

The World’s best athletes have joined in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. To promote the (NIKE) RED lace campaign, the brand has produced a video featuring Didier Drogba, Andrei Arshavin, Clint Dempsey, Denilson, Marco Materazzi… Read more
Accessories Nov 30, 2009

(Nike) RED Launch | Lace Up Save Lives

Today Nike launched their new (Nike) Red campaign in London, together with some of the world’s most prominent soccer players. The first product to be introduced are (NIKE) RED laces. The laces are specifically designed for football boots… Read more
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