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Accessories May 24, 2011

Nous Sommes x Andre

Parisian jewelry brand Nous Sommes has teamed up with artist Andre. After first having released a bunch of celebrity bust necklaces, they worked with Andre on the ‘Secret Box’. It comes both as a box and attached to a chain … Read more
Accessories May 13, 2011

Nous Sommes Jimi Hendrix Pendants

Parisian jewelry label Nous Sommes presents their latest celebrity head pendants, this time working with a likeness of Jimi Hendrix. The highly-detailed pendants come in black, silver or gold and will be available at the usual suspects… Read more
Accessories Dec 15, 2010

Nous Sommes “Spike Lee” Necklace

Parisian jewelry brand Nous Sommes presents their latest addition to the range – the Spike Lee necklace. Spike Lee joins Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson, Grace Jones and Karl Lagerfeld. The necklace is now available through their newly… Read more
Accessories Jun 22, 2010

Nous Sommes x Karl Lagerfeld

Parisian brand Nous Sommes created a pendant featuring the face of Karl Lagerfeld… and here he is wearing it! Check the Nous Sommes blog for more info. Have a closer look after the jump. Read more
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