Design Feb 24, 2011

“Livroche” Stone Book Stand

“With its simple architectural form, the Livroche bookstand from designer David Fleishman functions both as a display for books and as a stand-alone sculpture. Handcarved from natural stone, the weight is approximately 10 lbs.”… Read more
Art Feb 17, 2011

Riches of a City: Portland Collects

With over 200 objects drawn from local collections, Riches of a City: Portland Collects, now on view at the Portland Art Museum, offers a rare look “behind closed doors” at some of the finest art housed in the Portland, Oregon … Read more
Art Feb 14, 2011

Kerem Ozan Bayraktar’s “Ice Cubes”

Turkish artist Kerem Ozan Bayraktar practices a full range of artistic endeavor. Outside of fine paintings, the artist has also produced a range of moving pictures and objects. The objects are focus here, specifically a set named “Ice… Read more
Uncategorized Mar 25, 2010

Video | Object Lab – Blindfold

What can your senses – other than sight – tell you about an object? The Chipstone Foundation explores this idea in their blindfold object lab. I quite like this as an exercise, having always been interest in what thinking sound … Read more
Design Nov 30, 2009

Design Real at the Serpentine Gallery

Design Real, curated by German designer Konstantine Grcic, brings 42 objects of mass produced design to London’s Serpentine Gallery. As Nick Compton notes, it’s an exhibition of little explanation. Objects are presented as they are… Read more
Accessories Oct 21, 2009

Maison Martin Margiela White Objects Video

Beyond the approach and conception of its collections, the unique identity of Maison Martin Margiela is clearly recognizable in the spaces it occupies (stores, showrooms…). In the midst of the development of the architectural project, the… Read more
Furniture Sep 28, 2009

Zeke Leonard | Studio Craft Furniture

Based in Syracuse, NY, Zeke Leonard produces stunningly simple furniture and objects from reused material. His career began in theater design and upset with the continual trashing of his creations, Leonard decided to reverse the process. In… Read more
Art Apr 20, 2009

Contemporanea Shop

Joining the fold of the growing online art dealers/shops, Contemporanea offers a solid line up of 50 international artists. Among them are Larry Clark, Kaws, Barry McGee and Ed Templeton. Available are books, post cards, prints and objects… Read more
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