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Sneakers May 22, 2008

Bodega x Reebok “Travel Pack”

Bodega announces the "Travel Pack Edition" of the Reebok x BDGA Pump Omni Lite!  May 31st, 2008, check your favorite local boutique for a pared down version of the Escape Pack. Travel Pack Edition 200 Pairs MSRP $150.00: Dropping the… Read more
Sneakers Sep 18, 2007

Reebok Pump Omni Lite “Year Of The Rat”

The Reebok Reverse Jam was an exciting new release and for next year Reebok has a strong Pump campaign waiting for you as well. Complex now reports about the Pump Omni Lite “Year Of The Rat”. Inspired by lucky-money envelopes … Read more
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