Video Jan 12, 2011

Video | Floating

A video of high speed floating paint? Yes. It is fascinating, soothing, worthwhile, etc., etc. Good way to end the day. Read more
Art Aug 26, 2010

“3+1″ at Galerie du Jour – agnès b

Opening on September 9, 2010, at Galerie du Jour, a group show featuring Harmony Korine, Dash Snow, and Ryan McGinley. Korine, writer of the film KIDS, paints dark abstract figures which balance nicely with McGinley’s compositions and… Read more
Art Sep 29, 2009

Krink 8-Litre Applicator

Craig Costello aka KR has announced his latest Krink branded item. Following in the tradition of the artists’ signature fire extinguisher paint sprayer, the Krink “8-Litre Applicator” is a fully functional, high quality bottle of… Read more
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