Uncategorized Mar 8, 2011

The Armory Show | Gallery Side 2

A funny thing happens when you are former assistant curator of a whaling museum – any painting featuring a whale causes an instant love affair. Gallery Side 2, of Tokyo, exhibited a series of works by Takeo Hanazawa at The … Read more
Art Mar 8, 2010

Stuart Pearson Wright

Now living and working in East London, Stuart Pearson Wright grew up in the South of England, in Eastbourne, by the sea. He attended the Slade School of Fine Art in London and in 1998 won a travel grant from … Read more
Art Jan 8, 2010

Mikal Hameed | Sound Sculptures

Tonight, Medicine Agency is bringing Brooklyn-based Mikal Hameed to San Francisco. The artist creates large scale sound sculptures and mixed media paintings with reclaimed furniture and vintage audio equipment. “Urban Manifesto #2″… Read more
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