Gadgets Nov 23, 2013

FiftyThree Pencil – The Best iPad Stylus Yet

From the company that brought you Paper for iPad, FiftyThree presents Pencil, the latest in their essential suite of mobile tools for creativity. When using Paper and Pencil, the company’s adaptive palm rejection instantly knows whether… Read more
Art Jul 18, 2011

The Tessellation Series by Matthew Shlian

News from Ghostly - We are proud to unveil our second art edition from the Ann Arbor-based paper artist and engineer Matthew Shlian. Conceived over a flurry of emails in the spring of this year, The Tessellation Series is an … Read more
Art Mar 16, 2010


Now on view in Hamburg (at Craft2Eu, Eppendorfer Weg 231), Paperficial exhibits a series of objects blends the possibilities and aesthetic of paper with other materials, or transfers the visual qualities of those materials to paper based… Read more
Toys Nov 19, 2009

LEGO for MUJI Paper and Block Sets

MUJI partners with iconic building-block company LEGO on a super fun new concept. Together they’re encouraging us to think outside the blocks (horrible, I know) by punching LEGO-sized holes in paper. The rest then becomes obvious – but… Read more
Art Apr 8, 2009

Papershapers at Scion Installation Space LA

Curated by the team at Giant Robot, Papershapers highlights artists that bend, fold, cut, and re-imagine paper into unique creations. The exhibition opens at Scion Installation Space LA on April 11, 2009. The works will be on view until May… Read more
Uncategorized Mar 30, 2008

Mastermind Japan Notebooks

Japanese brand Mastermind Japan has released a set of notebooks. As usual they keep it simpe – all black just with their logo. Considering the usual elevated prices of the brand, the notebooks are with 25-35 USD priced quite moderately… Read more
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