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Caps & Hats Jul 9, 2008

Triumvir Borken Halos Part II

Some of you probably remember the Broken Halos collection and the political history behind what used to be the Anaheim Angels. Triumvir brought out a couple of caps and t-shirts on the theme a couple of months ago. Now they … Read more
Sneakers Jun 14, 2008

Adidas Tournament Pack Part 2

Adidas continues to release sneakers as part of their Tournament pack,  1-To-1 reintroductions of original tennis shoes over the 70′s and 80′s. They feature a combination of leather/nubuck and soft leather uppers, perforated linings… Read more
Fashion Jun 10, 2008

Hixsept Summer ’08 Collection Part 2

Hixsept was born in 1999, fusing the ideas of two french graffiti writers : Hëx and Hept. Forerunners of the process consisting of adapting graffiti related items to clothes, they constantly try to mix art, graphic design and clothing.The… Read more
Fashion Apr 3, 2008

Alife Rivington Club Spring ’08 Part 2

We present you the second part of the Alife Rivington Club Spring 2008 collection (Part 1 here). They present another three t-shirt designs, each coming in three colorways and available now. Check out the others after the jump. Read more
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