Art Jan 27, 2012

Our Top 10 Photo Tumblrs

This ranking is in no way an “official” Top 10 Photo Tumblrs list, but more so ones that we follow and enjoy on a regular basis. We are sure there is a myriad of great original photo Tumblrs and we … Read more
Art Dec 23, 2011

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 Winners

National Geographic’s 2011 photo contest concluded recently, and so here is a look at the winners, as well as some honorable mentions. The publication received over 20,000 photo submissions, so we imagine that going through such a vast… Read more
Art Nov 3, 2007

Feature: The Afflicted Yard

Kingston`s photographer Peter Dean Rickards aka The Afflicted Yard captures the Jamaican culture in all its roughness since 1999: violence, sex, drugs, music. His picture world is relentlessly authentic without provoking for provocation`s… Read more
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