Gadgets Jun 27, 2012

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid will be dropping this 10MP Z2300 Instant Digital Camera this coming August. This interesting little compact camera comes with an integrated printer so you can print your photos on Zink ink-less paper. There’s actually a lot of… Read more
Gadgets Apr 9, 2012

Impossible Project Black Label Polaroid SX-70

The Impossible Project introduces their new Black Label Polaroid SX-70 camera. Any folding Polaroid camera will catch peoples attention, but this new Black Label version is especially nice we have to admit. This unique kit contains a… Read more
Gadgets Jan 12, 2012

Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera

During CES Polaroid announced the Polaroid SC1630, an Android powered smart camera which features a high definition 16 megapixel camera with built in 3X optical zoom, touch screen display and Wi-Fi, making uploads to social networks as easy… Read more
Gadgets Nov 10, 2011

Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera

Today Polaroid has launched their new Z340 Instant Digital Camera. While featuring a 14 megapixel processor and LCD display, the camera also comes with an integrated printer. “Unlike any other camera available today, the Polaroid Z340… Read more
Gadgets Sep 8, 2011

Polaroid SX-70 Camera

A Polaroid SX-70 reissue has hit the wires today. This release “isn’t a modern remake of this classic — it is the classic, painstakingly restored so it works perfectly — especially with Impossible Project film — folds flat, and… Read more
Photography Mar 28, 2011

The Polaroid Collection is Saved

The WestLicht Museum of Photography has purchased the International Polaroid Collection (essentially “saving” it). Over 4,400 artworks are included, representing some 800 artists (including heavyweights like Ansel Adams and Andy… Read more
Gadgets Jan 13, 2011

Polaroid iPhone Decal

Similar to the Leica M9 iPhone Skin, Photojojo have produced a cool new Polaroid iPhone Decal, which makes your iPhone 4 look like the old Rainbow OneStep Polaroid Land Camera. Unlike the M9 skin, you can actually buy this one! … Read more
Gadgets Mar 30, 2010

Polaroid 600 One Camera Kit by Paul Giambarba

Polaroid resurrectionists The Impossible Project are selling a nice little starter kit. “Stylish modern Polaroid 600 camera, brandnew and pimped to rock your analog world, plus one pack of matching Polaroid 600 film. Design-award-winning… Read more
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