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Advertising Feb 11, 2013

Top 5 Brands That Changed Pop Culture

Fight For Your Rights! The essence of what makes really good communication has not changed much over the years – we want interesting ads with stopping power, that make us think, communicate a relevant brand message, make us feel some … Read more
Uncategorized Jul 13, 2011

Mike Leavitt’s Wooden NES

Mike Leavitt makes tremendous cardboard and wood sculptures of popular culture objects. For example, his wooden NES system. A 1 of 1, it is made of fir, mahogany, acrylic paint, cotton string. The controller even plugs in and out. Available… Read more
Art Jan 21, 2011

Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition

BoingBoing reports, “A Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition is in the works for a February 12-13 run at Clifton’s Brookdale in Los Angeles. An astounding array of artists like Tim Biskup, Chris Mars, Stella Im Hultberg, Glenn… Read more
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