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Photography Jun 28, 2011

Preview | Madeleine de Sinéty: Photographs

Madeleine de Sinéty: Photographs opens on September 24, 2011 at the Portland Museum of Art. The exhibition will feature a selection of 60 black-and-white and color images, the first to explore the breadth of de Sinéty’s photographic… Read more
Art Apr 8, 2011

2011 Portland Museum of Art Biennial Prize Winners

The Portland Museum of Art has announced the 2011 Art Biennial Prize winners. At the members’ opening reception for the 2011 Portland Museum of Art Biennial on Wednesday evening, April 6, five prizes were awarded to artists in the… Read more
Fashion Mar 8, 2011

Refashioned at the Portland Museum of Art

Refashioned opens on May 21, 2011 and will feature 20 objects by a trio of artists who employ garments to explore historical narrative. Include are Lauren Gillette, Anne Lemanski, and Angelika Werth. Each is interested in the conventions of… Read more
Photography Dec 15, 2010

Edward Weston “Leaves of Grass”

On December 30, 2010 the Portland Museum of Art will open Weston: Leaves of Grass. In early 1941, Edward Weston was approached by the Limited Editions Club of New York and invited to make photographs to illustrate its deluxe edition … Read more
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