Art Jul 6, 2011

COPE2 “Authentic” Print

Published by Maximillian Gallery at Sunset Marquis, COPE2′s Authentic print is offered in an edition of 100. A Giclée Print on Archival Paper with Archival Ink, the work measures at 24″ x 18″. For a limited time, the gallery is … Read more
Art Jul 5, 2011

“12 Bicycle Drawings” Print by Christine Berrie

Artist Christine Berrie has this to say of her 12 Bicycle Drawings, “Over the last few years, I have been creating collections of drawings as a way of visually documenting various objects that some people perceive as prosaic, but which… Read more
Art Jun 28, 2011

Josh Smith for Exhibition A

The selection of prints Josh Smith has provided for Exhibition A are the online gallery’s most interesting to date. Smith, known for direct to wall paintings, resurrects three works from his fabled Deitch show “On the Water,” making… Read more
Art Jun 28, 2011

Tracey Emin at Selfridges

“To coincide with Love Is What You Want, her retrospective at The Hayward Gallery, Tracey Emin has taken over the Concept Store in Selfridges London, creating a collection of limited–edition prints and homewares that feature her… Read more
Art Jun 22, 2011

Sickboy “Save The Youth” Print

On June 24, 2011, Sickboy will release his latest print featuring his regularly employed “Save the Youth” slogan. Sickboy has been hitting walls with those words since 2003, but to this point has not shared an edition print with the … Read more
Art Jun 21, 2011

FAILE: A Decade of Prints & Originals

To coincide with he opening of POST NO BILLS, a new Venice Beach-based print shop, Brooklyn’s FAILE will mount a unique retrospective exhibition. The multimedia artist duo has deep roots in printmaking, and the craft itself serves as base… Read more
Art Jun 21, 2011

Mr. Brainwash “Never Give Up” Print

Mr. Brainwash’s latest release, “Never Give Up,” is in support of Revok. Arrested in April, Revok faces 180 days in jail. All proceeds from the print sale (which begins tomorrow, June 22, 2011) go to Revok’s defense fund. Edition of… Read more
Art Jun 20, 2011

Wes Lang for Exhibition A

An artist, biker and tattooer, Wes Lang hails from New Jersey. Ahead of a Fall exhibition alongside Scott Campbell, Lang offers two limited edition prints via Exhibition A. Both “Castles in the Sky” (above) and “Where Darkness Never… Read more
Art Jun 20, 2011

RareInk “Ice Cube” Print Series

In collaboration with Ice Cube, RareInk has announced a new series of prints that deliver music fans authentic, original autographed work. “Expanding the interaction with fans of my music by offering limited edition, signed artwork that… Read more
Art Jun 13, 2011

Martin Wittfooth “Red Soil”

Released in an edition of just 15, Martin Wittfooth’s “Red Soil” print is available through Paper Tiger. The New York-based painter deals in realism, though his subjects pull from beyond the scope of everyday life. “Red Soil” is… Read more
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